Mustangs Musts...

Mustangs Musts...
Veedawoo Aragon Escalante Galitzier

Sunday, August 21, 2011


ARROW from the Spanish herd in the BLACK HILLS WILD HORSE SANCTUARY. There is currently only one known intact stallion with mares and several years of PZP have resulted in only one known foal this year. From a very high vista point overlooking a breathtaking valley we could glass and see what easily was a group of more than 15 horses, which are not identified since they live in a very remote and unaccessible part of the 14 000 acres of the institute. BEAUTIFUL as the Cheyenne river winds through the canyons and meadows...

On my bucket list, or 100-item (things I want to experience or do) LIST has been the BLACK HILLS WILD HORSE SANCTUARY. In august 2011 in conjunction with the MUSTANG DAYS in DOUGLAS,WY. Melody Perez and I traveled to an art exhibit of hers in the Pioneer museum and then continued on to Hot Springs South Dakota...after driving through celebrated country witnessing a wildfire burning south of the Custer Natl forest and painting the evening sky in a crimson veil we were greeted by a band of horses in the setting sun...we put up for the night and had a tour the next morning following the cake truck onto the 14 000 acres of former Honeywell Sanctuary property owned by the IRAM (Institute for Range and american Mustang) founded by Dayton O. Hyde (in 1988). Susan Watt followed her calling to the sacred lands of the Black Hills 17 years ago ... Since then she has worked tirelessly to promote and enforce the FOUNDATION's mission statement.

 Institute of Range and American Mustang 
Mission Statement
The Institute of Range and American Mustang (IRAM) founded by Dayton O. Hyde in 1988 is a 501 © 3 non-profit corporation registered in the state of South Dakota. The Institute’s federal tax number is 46-0401462.

IRAM owns 11,000 acres of private land dedicated to range preservation and a balanced ecosystem. IRAM’s finest gift is The Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary, whose purpose is to provide not only freedom for unadoptable and unwanted wild horses, but also a research area dedicated to solving wild horse herd management that will contribute to the well-being of wild horses everywhere.
The Sanctuary and its staff and volunteers are devoted to the spirit of the wild mustangs by giving America’s unwanted wild horses a quality life. The Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary is a showcase where the public can see large herds of wild horses running free and come to understand our efforts toward land conservation and the preservation of our western heritage-America’s Wild Mustang! 

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