Mustangs Musts...

Mustangs Musts...
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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Remember 2007:

In the beginning of 2007 I received a call from Germany. On the other end was a man who was looking for mustangs. He was an adventure rider and had already ridden from Patagonia (South America) to Mexico on 4 Criollo horses. He had not been able to bring the horses across the border because they had been exposed to a disease that prohibited import into the US.
During the conversation we discussed a plan to pick up 4 mustangs from the Canon City program and train and condition them at my Strawbale House in Red Feather Lakes, CO. from where he and his then new Partner would set out for the US segment of the Continental Divide Trail Ride (continuation).
This is their diary in German on their website 
In April I picked up Guenter Wamser and Sonja Endlweber from the Denver Airport and took them to my home in the Rockies. 3 interesting months followed. As it says, we picked up the 4 mustangs on June 22nd. At the time the two adventurers still lived in my house preparing equipment, mapping the schedule, weighing each individual item and practicing GPS navigation...The location of the house proved perfect, since the extra altitude would guarantee good condition for both horses and riders and the adjacent Forest Service Land was a great practice ground (So the cappucino was served in the morning and then they headed out pretending to be on the Continental Divide until the good smells of lunch drifted across the meadow and the horses were hobbled high-lined or staked for the night.) Gradually I urged them a bit more into the landscape, the tent was pitched next to the paddock, the nights started to be glorious and the bears stayed away for the time being. For Sonja and Guenter this was also a new adventure. They had just met during a christmas presentation of Guenters previous ride through South America and they were on their first love and live adventure (with Sonja being new to training and trail riding). The 4 year old MUSTANGS were amazing: DINO; LIGHTFOOT,ASAPACHE, RUSTY took to the new life with vigor, even though rounded up in different parts of the country, from different HMA's they had spend some time living together in Canon City. They settled in among my mustangs and the  beautiful spring grass was a wonderful reward for their sacrifices since being captured.

Guenter Wamser, Leni the dog and Asapache the mustang
I enjoyed their thorough and compassionate approach to both the animals and the land and felt this to be a "LEAVE NO TRACE", very worthwhile "RENEWABLE RESOURCE" adventure. It felt just right to support a dream that did not cost much in the way of monetary funds but took a WHOLE LOT OF COURAGE and determination...Now, 5 years later, this illustrious group of travelers, Horses dog and man and woman are still spending a good couple of months each year strutting north, currently getting ready for Alaska ...In the winter months they retreat to Germany and Austria and enjoy great cuisine and the Vienna Philharmonic and give slide show and power point presentations to all the dreamers who did not find the moment to jump off the train....(this will provide the necessary funds to continue, all in all 18 years now for Guenter Wamser). The horses take their earned rest, overwintering in Canada ( now between 9 and 10 years old) Each time I see Fran Ackley from Canon City (during the Mustang Makeover or some other mustang event, we chuckle and admire these animals who have proven to be the perfect mounts for this expedition into the UNKNOWN...

Guenter bringing the horses up to the house from the Forest Service Land.

 I would like to point your attention to all the other wonderful ride opportunities coming up. And consider participating with your favorite mustang. This is our opportunity to show the full potential of these horses and allow them to perform in what they feel most comfortable in: WILDERNESS

I love to see mustangs in my corrals...add these to my own 7 (I now have one for each day of the week)

Please go to these links to find a ride that suits you:....sorry there are no links...but luckily so, there are 188 Horse Management areas in the US, PUBLIC LANDS where wild horses live. We will be riding one of these during the Maybell Colorado: SOMBRERO ROUNDUP (rounding up dude horses from winter pasture) on May 3,4,5 and 6.
There is also a beautiful ride planned along part of the Santa Fe Trail in the fall at the Cimarron Sky Dog Wild horse sanctuary in Watrous NM.
FIND YOUR OWN closest wild horse area and take time out. INVOKING THE PAUSE, battle NATURE DEFICIT DISORDER and claim your spot in the sun amongst our wild horses.

Sonja and Guenter just before the outset...
More to follow:

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