Mustangs Musts...

Mustangs Musts...
Veedawoo Aragon Escalante Galitzier

Sunday, April 8, 2012


Mustang Riders of Northern Colorado "Jessica's theme" from the movie 'Man from snowy river', please enjoy!!

We are a citizen initiative to support protect and promote the AMERICAN MUSTANG.
Our first aim is to enhance and illustrate the beauty and importance of these horses on OUR PUBLIC LANDS. This can only be accomplished successfully if the general public goes and visits and puts their EYES on them. The legal term would be CLAIMING OUR HORSES and establishing STANDING on our wild horse areas. Find your favorite or nearest WILD HORSE areas (HMA) and GO THERE. (In the course of this activism no child is left inside - we fight Nature Deficit Disorder (Richard Louv) and we will document the individual bands and band members, which in turn will make removal a PERSONAL OFFENSE and LOSS. If we can establish a loss to the quality of our RECREATIONAL PUBLIC LANDS, these horses will have a better chance. Since their is no proper CENSUS and the BLM refuses to implement modern measures, we will have a grassroots chance to prove them wrong by overinflating the numbers.

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