Mustangs Musts...

Mustangs Musts...
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Monday, February 20, 2012

MUSTANG EVENTS, Interviews, Articles, festivals, Rides and Performancesrmances and competitions

2012 2012 EVENTS around mustangs greater Colorado area

The year of the Dragon, a Water Dragon indeed...

JANUARY 2012:This article appeared in a German film magazine opening for the BERLINALE film festival has created a venue for international advocates, photographers and film-producers to direct some of their attention towards this pertinent emotionally charged and dynamic issue...still available to read at 
James Kleinert on his mustang
The article chronicles mustangs in film from Misfits (1957) to Wild Horses and Renegades (2011).

The MUSTANG HERITAGE FOUNDATION is forging ahead with multiple opportunities for children and adults alike to engage in competition and the education about and increased adoption of MUSTANGS. Even if we do not agree with some of the aspects of this controversial program, we should take advantage of the opprtunities given to learn and engage.

Here is an opportunity for a Youth to work from home and make $500.00 over 12 weeks. An alternative option would be the above YOUTH Training a Yearling and competing at the Supreme Extreme Mustang Makeover in Ft. Worth.

MARCH ISSUE OF TODAY'S HORSE magazine will carry an interview about my work at the BLACK HILLS WILD HORSE SANCTUARY in South Dakota, where I spent 2 months in 2012 handling and riding Mustangs, concentrating on making the training an integral part of their tourism program. The IRAM institute is without doubt one of the most beautiful and well established sanctuaries.  This July I will return to become a TOUR GUIDE. I am looking forward to seeing some of the wonderful horses Cognac and Arrow again...One of my horses will be accompanying me.

MARCH  In a MUSTANG SERIES  Kim Jones  Baker RADIO from Castle Rock Colorado will conduct  Mustang months and interview Ginger Kathrens, Carol Walker, Fran Ackley Brent Wilson and myself in seperate shows. Brent and I will be talking about training a mustang for the EXTREME MUSTANG MAKEOVER and the continuous efforts of the Mustang Heritage  Foundation to increase and improve the Adoption rate of mustangs. (we will also adopt our yearling mustang for the 2012 Supreme Extreme Mustang Makeover)

APRIL: On April 28th theMEDICINE HORSE RESCUE will have MUSTANG Awareness DAY : The Mustang Riders of Northern Colorado will perform and I will give a short synopsis about the 2012  Mustang Makeover training I will be sponsoring for the YOUTH program, my guest Robyn Hall. Highlight of this event is Wildlife Ecologist and Wild Horse Advocate Craig Downer introducing his just published book: "The Wild Horse Conspiracy". Melody Perez will have her mustang art on exhibit and Carol Walker will present her photography...

MAY: The historic Sombrero Horse Roundup in Maybell Colorado on May 5 and 6 will be a welcome  opportunity to take a first look at the Sand Wash Wild Horse Range and take the horses out for a ride...Mustangecotours is after all mostly a riding adventure. We don't expect many participants, but I do want to invite everybody. Nany Roberts and I and some local riders will start riding early and hope to find some horses on the range. This is an overnight event and Melody Perez has promised art and coffee on the range - in the then finished Mustang Mansion.

On May 15th we will pick up the yearling mustang from Canon City and then every day will be filled with familiarizing and gentling the little being and starting to work towards creating a playful and trusting relationship between YOUTH AND WILD HORSE.

If time allows I will try to attend the WILD HORSE FESTIVAL benefitting two WILD HORSE SANCTUARIES in New Mexico (Monero and Spirit Horses) The event is scheduled on May 19th at the Santa Fe Fairgrounds and has an impressive list of artists, speakers, photographers. The schedule is still being established. For more info go to Facebook: WILD HORSE FESTIVAL.

JUNE 8,9,10 is the Ft. Collins Extreme Mustang Makeover and even though I will not have a horse in training this year, I have done a leap of faith in hope to give TRIBUTE TO JB ANDREW (famous mustang Stallion, who died last year here in Colorado) by inviting the now famous and performing MUSTANG STALLION PADRE. Both these horses share a similar history, having been adopted initially then changing hands and developing a tremendous talent for dressage. So much that JB ANDREW was just short of training to participate in the Olympics. Both of these horses have their own Breyer Model, both are ambassadors for the wonderful temperament and talent of americas mustangs. Patti Gruber, owner/rider of PADRE has agreed to make the utmost effort to join us for a tribute to JB ANDREW.


on the last day of the Mustang Make Over, the event will again take place at CSU Equestrian Arena in Ft. Collins.

JULY: I will load up and haul one horse back to the Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary   to ride and tour guide. The sanctuary has a special place in my heart, there are some individuals that I look forward seeing again since last year and I hope to advance the MUSTANG ECO TOURS adventure going into Hell's canyon and including training demos into the visitors experience.

AUGUST: WYOMING MUSTANG DAYS (august 17,18) Competition and Northern Colorado Mustang Riders performance. This will also be an opportunity for individual mustang owners to compete in a more relaxed and still competitive environment with the benefit of working within the Fair. The BLM is sponsor of this event which was christened 2 years ago when the Mustang Heritage Foundation decided to discontinue the Extreme Mustang Makeover event in Wyoming.

AUGUST 24, 25: National Public Lands Day and we will be spending it OUR WAY, which is the FIRST OFFICIAL clean up day in the SAND WASH BASIN (Maybell, Colorado) . This is a response to the BLM directors Incentive program, which was established at the end of 2011 and challenges advocacy groups to engage on the range and work in conjunction with the BLM FIELD OFFICE in areas of range maintenance, possible PZP applications and other cooperative efforts.We will meet on the range and
pick up Barbed Wire, other trash, check water sources, evaluate and record Range conditions, count sheep and cattle and also do a Foal Count.

SEPTEMBER: The YOUTH CHALLENGE of the Mustang Makeover is part of the SUPREME EXTREME MUSTANG MAKEOVER EVENT in Ft. Worth. We had bid on one of the 100 yearlings during the Superior Internet adoption on March 31st, then we picked up the youngster on May 11 and had 3 months to train and prepare for the competition. We hope for a fun low stress and playful WIN with our little yearling mustang, and obviously we will be bringing him/her home. ROBYN HALL this will be a big event for you. (For information visit

October 2012, SHINGLETOWN WILD HORSE SANCTUARY: It has been my wish to ride amongst mustangs and whenever I have an opportunity to do so, I will work towards it. The Public Lands BLM lands are one of those places and I would like to think that Sanctuaries are the other. The Shingletown sanctuary has a well developed and tested trail-riding program that has been of great interest to me.
Then if the stars are lined up right, I will be relocating with some of my horses for  WINTER months to Shingletown WILD HORSE SANCTUARY in northern California. It has been my hope for quite some time now and this year it might just work.

For those of you engaging in the mustang advocacy movement, I look forward to an opportunity to ride and work together and I would like to encourage all of you to continue the plight.

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