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Mustangs Musts...
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Thursday, December 8, 2011

WHERE ARE ALL THE PRETTY HORSES...where are our horses.

Additional facilities are showing up. With the new BLM small business incentive, hundreds of those could exist in the near future...and no public scrutiny - no access.

WHY IS HUGHES LTH in Bartlesville, the oldest facility since 1988 NOT on here....????????Where is the real list..?
We need to consider how the BLM Holding Facilities are influenced by above agendas: Here is BLM Long-Term Holding Facilities from June 2008. Below shows: Facility Location, Year(s) animals held there ,Capacity and far right figure denotes Wild Equines held: 
Bartlesville Oklahoma 1989 2,300 2,066 
Catoosa Oklahoma 2001 2,000 2,042 
Teterville East Kansas 2001 2,200 1,913 
Teterville West Kansas 2002 2,200 2,531 
Foraker Oklahoma 2003 2,500 2,507 
Pawhuska Oklahoma 2003–2004 3,400 3,646 
Grenola Kansas 2004 2,200 2,269 
Hulah Oklahoma 2004 2,200 2,203 
Herd Oklahoma 2007 1,000 1,042 
Whitehorse South Dakota 2007 1,100 1,169 
Strohm Oklahoma 2008 1,000 713 
Total Capacity 22,100 *** Total Horses Held 22,101

BLM's updated figures show 38,500 in holding. Given the number of captured equines, and capacity in STH and LTH combined, outside of dying from natural causes, WHERE ARE THEY?

Comparisons sometimes help shed light...Numbers I have found:
In 1971 there were approx. 26 000 horses left on the range (counting was even more difficult then)
Between 1972 and 2007 a total of 260 000 horses were captured through round-ups and removed.
Since the beginning of the program approx. 221 700 horses were adopted (nearly 40 years, which is an average of 5500-6000 horses per year (that number dropped off drastically since 2008, so that in 2010 only 700 horses were adopted - this could also reflect the increased difficulty for individuals and orgs to "adopt" horses for slaughter. 2900 were sold straight SA. That leaves approx.35 500 which should be the horses in holding...If one applies and annual death rate of 7% over 40 years...anybody can continue...

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