Mustangs Musts...

Mustangs Musts...
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Thursday, December 1, 2011

THIS IS THE CHART TO PLAY WITH: Range numbers minus roundup plus newborns

When you  play with this chart and take the number of horses on the range minus the roundup leaves a number at the end of the year, then compare that with the number of the next year and get the growth rate. Per example: Year 2000: 48 630 horses
                                      minus   8630 captured
                     leaves  TOTAL  40 000

Year 2001 (starts out with):     45 400 (so a growth of 5400 (foals) is approx. 11%
                                    minus   13 280 captured
                  leaves a TOTAL   32 120

Now jump to 2007:                 28 560 horses on the range
                                 minus       7 730 captured
                               TOTAL   20 830                        SEE WHAT HAPPENS NOW

The number in 2008 is up to   33 100 horses on the range, that is an increase of 13 100 horses or in other words 20 800 horses had 13 000 babies. That means HALF of the horse population had a foal, that would indeed include most of the stallions also...A FEAT we would like to witness... These numbers look manipulated.
Then in 2008:                          33 100 horses on the range
                                  minus       5 150 ???Why such a small removal figure?????
                               TOTAL    27 970
The reason here could be fiscal distribution of funds and that with a small roundup number the total number of horses "Counted"(in Feb) on the range 36 940 validated the request for more money....

Let me know if my math is foul....

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