Mustangs Musts...

Mustangs Musts...
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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Mt. AYR- Tingley IOWA, an example of one of the smaller and newer contract facilities

This facility was granted a contract in 2010. As we know the contracts are rebid every year, that means in some cases horses actually have to be moved to a new holding facility in case standards are not met or the contractor is being underbid by a competitor. That will explain indiscriminate movement of horses which will make tracking difficult if not impossible. I think at this time not many of these smaller holding facilities exist, but the small business incentive program directly encourages small ranching operations to bid on contracts. EVEN if they are not the owners but just the leasees of the land. I currently know of only one facility that actually lost the contract after one year and had to move the horses. In this case negligence was not a factor but the competitive bidding just undercut the facilites price.

The facility is listed in the BLM chart under Mt. Ayr with 400 some horses, the actual address is:
Doyle and Connie Richards, 2514 160th str. Tingley, IA 50863
From the map it is not conclusive where the horses are - no corrals or sheds.

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