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Mustangs Musts...
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Monday, December 19, 2011

LTH: Robert and John F. HUGHES , Bartlesville OK:

This is the oldest LTH facility established in 1989 just a year after Dayton Hyde started the Black Hills Wild Sanctuary. 2 different roads were followed.
Even though this is the oldest and one of the largest LTH facilities, It is NOT listed in the current BLM LTH facilites overview (?)
Here we have the same situation. Original contract holder in their 80's, third generation cattle ranchers,  1500  horses since 1989 on 13 000 acres approx, and now an additional 2700 horses on leased land. He expects his government check to amount to around 2 million this year (safe money)
2 000 000 : 4200=476 dollars per head per year.
Geldings only - approx 7% annual death rate (this should be much larger on the range or, here we have horses leaving some other way)
The good old boys are really creaming up. If all that money including the contractor roundup pilot and processing facilities would be used for smart and caring research and on the range management plus an inspired adoption program with horses that had less trauma, plus invigorated tourism program like Dayton Hyde's Wild Horse Sanctuary, this would be a different picture.
As shown here it is just a wicked circle, where the horses are removed from the range to make room for cattle drilling and mining interests, who then get their subsidies and in turn house the horses at again their profit around revolving type facilities not open to the public.


  1. Really? $2 million? I wonder what his expenses are.

    1. Well, you and I both. Would love to know what the expenses are. You are closer. Can you find out?