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Mustangs Musts...
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Monday, December 5, 2011


Today we look at LTH in OKLAHOMA: Similar to Kansas this particular section also very close to the Kansas Border - the facility is on or associated with one of the oldest and largest cattle empires of the state. DRUMMOND RANCH and ASSOCIATES:
There are several addresses for different ranches and offices of DRUMMOND, I chose the one north of Pawhuska: 492 County Rd. 4495, Pawhuska, OK. 74056 and came up with an indistinct location:

courtesy of GOOGLE maps

Please note that this area is directly adjacent to the Kansas Border, later on I will show an image actually linking the holding facilities in Oklahoma and Kansas (as mentioned before mirroring some of the southwest to northeast movement of the wild horse areas in the Rockies).
Next note that there are (pending and depending) 10 LTH facilities in Oklahoma with approx. 18 000 horses (net economy abot 11 million annual). And of those 6 are in this picture:
Bartlesville (2072 horses), Foraker (2484 horses), Gray Horse East/West (1826/610horses), Hominy (984), Pawhuska (3518) for a total of 11 494 horses. In the following article you can read the history of the DRUMMOND FAMILY EMPIRE and then follow LEE DRUMMOND's BLOG into her backyard herd of 300 BLM mares...
Excerpts from the OKLAHOMA HISTORICAL SOCIETY  .....

The family of Ree Drummond lives near Pawhuska, I could find addresses but they did not search on google property so I could not identify an actual ranch. Ree Drummond is married to Ladd Drummond and she has a popular BLOG: I Invite you to visit it and then show you an excerpt: To visit go to: and type: MUSTANGS into the upper right  searchbar. She will speak about how the mares came to the ranch and describe in some detail the daily operation...There are numerous comments from avid readers that are ocassionally answered by "Michelle"(?). Considering that the neighboring counties hold another 10,700 horses, this is a peculiar oddity.

I think the last entry was December 4th, 2011.

The OSAGE INDIAN reservation seems to be around all of these counties. In one of the posts REE mentions looking at old family pictures and finding....

...and this is actually quite macabre. She elaborates on how she cherishes learning in cleaning the attic that mustangs were on this land at the turn of the century...then she dissolves and admits, that these were today's roundup photos sepiad and made to look old ...the sorry story is that indeed there were the CHOCTAW horses in these and other areas of OKLAHOMA and their story, just like the story of the mares removed from their lands is a SAD ONE ( I would like to have GILBERT JONES (BRYANT RICKMAN) and BOB BRISLAWN retell...and maybe even add some of the Trail of Tears. One other thing about this land that Kitty UiBreaslain (Spanish Mustang Registry) said, after moving the horses from the Palouse country in Idaho and Washington to the SOUTH (in this case!) of Oklahoma,  was:
"Within one year we lost near all 200 Oklahoma even the dew is poisenous...and one should never move the mustangs from west to east"....
Did Ree find any of these photos in the attic also???  COULD THEY BE FROM THE PAST???????

SEPIALIZE me and make me a picture of the LAST CENTURY!!!!!!!!!PLEASE

(Article By Debbie Coffey, from August 2011)

Family History:

and a couple of paragraphs later to the end of the article...from 1997 (this is 5 years ago).............................

If this is a representative cut of the current LONG TERM HOLDING FACILITIES and gives some insight into the affiliations with the BLM, it is not surprising that for whatever reason other wealthy oil, mining and cattle enterprizes would be interested involved and competitve in this arena. Not for the benefit of the horses but for the decision-making position on THE PUBLIC LANDS and in WASHINGTON. Lobbies for RANCHING, DRILLING AND MINING and also RENEWABLE ENERGY LIKE WINDMILLS and SOLAR energy are competing for an EAR in Washington or is it the other way around that Washington is competing for an EAR with these conglomerates. These gazette articles fail to mention that indeed "THE GRASS THE RAIN AND THE PEOPLE AND IT'S WILD HORSES MAKE THIS COUNTRY THE BEST...." (Drummond is estimated to beor have been at one point the 76th wealthiest individual in the country, so where do Madeleine Pickens and Ted Turner come in???)
One more image to close this post:
I googled all LTH locations in Kansas and Oklahoma and lined them up as if to travel between all of them. They are: Cassoday, Hutchinson, Grenola, Teterville East/West (Kansas) and Bartlesville, Catoose, Foraker, Gray Horse East/West, Hominy, Hulah, Pawhuska, Strohm and Pauls Valley (OKlahoma). Then I got distance and direction. The result is the last map. Please realize this might not be the shortest distance between all of them, but it still shows,  that approx. 27 000 horses (2/3rds) are in an area not more than 600 miles across in 15 closely connected and related facilities, closed to the public under contract with the BLM.

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  1. A real mecca for holding the wild horses that have been so unjustly gathered off the public lands where they have legal right. This is not right! Any oversight of Drummond's empire?