Mustangs Musts...

Mustangs Musts...
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Sunday, December 4, 2011

BLM COLLABORATION WITH Training organizations: STEVE MANTLE ranch

One of the venues for a mustang that was rounded up from the range, processed in HOLDING and then designated for Training is to be shipped to either one of the national contracted prison facilities or to one of the training contractors. One of those is the STEVE MANTLE Ranch in Wheatland.
The address is 615 South Antelope Creek Rd. Wheatland, Wyoming 82201 Tel: 307 322 5799

If you look at the holding facility chart you see that the Mantle ranch has between 130 and 160 at any given time. The BLM initiated the training program with the Wyoming Honor Farm in 1990, but at that time, horses that were trained, were not available to the public through adoption. The first competitive auction to the public was in 1996 and the first training contract between the BLM and MANTLE was in 1998.

Background info: SOMBRERO povides all dude horses to the Colorado Front Range and is next to the Sand Wash Basin Wild Horse area west of Maybell, Colorado. Annual 600 horse drive through town of Maybell.

Several members of the family are engaged in Training and competition and since 2011, they Mantle Ranch is also instrumental in the WILD HORSE DAYS (event in DOUGLAS, Wyoming) which is a cooperation between the BLM, Wyoming Honor Farm and Mantle Ranch. The event is similar to the Extreme Mustang Makeover by the Mustang Heritage Foundation and features both in Hand and under saddle training, demonstrations and workshops, and individual performances by Mustang Trainers. The event concludes with an adoption.
Steve Mantle stated in an interview that the age of the horses offered for adoption has drastically dropped from average 6 to between 2-4 years. Due to the difficulties and challenges of training, the average mustang adopter is not prepared for the work required to socialize the older horse.
 You can find the horses that have been trained at the ranch on the BLM Internet adoption site or by calling direct.

And here is one video

There are options and opportunities for individuals and organizations to get involved in the resolution of the Mustang question. Needless to say, that all efforts are worth it, even though well organized and orchestrated efforts will yield the most reward.

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