Mustangs Musts...

Mustangs Musts...
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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Kiger Stallion 3 years old to be picked up at ELM CREEK on November 7th

My friend Susan Butler went to the Kiger Auction in Burns Oregon in October looking for a weanling dun filly to take home. She bid on 10 horses and was outbid, her 11th choice a 3 year old stallion.  I admire her courage and dedication and I am very excited for this experience.  The roundup was in June. Today we moved the trailer into position for our departure to travel to Nebraska. He will be shipped on the 4th, will get some days off and then we pick him up on the 8th to return to Colorado and home him together with Aragon at Tim Singewald's facility, where I also trained Coppersmith 900.
Beautiful face and open eyes, he ran with a bachelor band, reported no mares of his own..

Prices ranged from 125 to 8000 dollars

We have asked why a 3 year old stallion? And why has he not been gelded yet. The answer I believe is that the BLM in the case of the Kigers actually allows that discretion to the potential owner and somehow I appreciate that. It is good that they do not recommend stallions for anybody other than experienced individuals but I also do not condone the general beastification of stallions. My experience has been that an intact individual male of female is what we aspire to in humans and in animals. And the reason we are castrating most pets and stock is hopefully because we realize the significance of reduced production rates rather. In this case we will try to estimate the amount of trauma this horse has experienced since the roundup in June. Then we will spend time to observe and get an impression of his personality...which will lead to training. And when his trust and capacity for more trauma is sufficient he will be castrated to reduce chances of more unwanted horses and also to make his life in a world of fences and restrain more acceptable...Here are some pictures.
I also will use this as an opportunity to report about ELM CREEK, since there is not much material about HOLDING FACILITIES and we will try for a training blog without the 90 day pressure of the Mustang Makeover...

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