Mustangs Musts...

Mustangs Musts...
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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

" ESTRAYS" VIRGINIA RANGE, an example of horses on the range not "protected"

The term estrays has been established to determine the status of horses on Forest Land, Private Land under the jurisdiction of the Agricultural Dept. When deemed these horses get trapped and transported to Holding Facilities, where they are available for a certain period of time, before being offered at a Sale Auction, where Kill-buyers usually purchase for a poundprice. The boundaries of BLM and other public lands are often difficult for the horses to discern and fences are not kept up. There is no effort to determine whether these horses belong to a particular Wild Horse Herd, with which they could be reunited.
On the other hand there are very outspoken advocacy groups in the neighboring towns that lobby for the horses to gain some protection and be made available for rescue and sanctuary non profits. Nevada has even accomplished to get a coin (quarter) with the symbols of the mustangs....
It is now a couple of weeks later (Dec.1st) and a total of 16 horses were captured in bait traps (corrals with either hay or minerals). They have been moved out of sight of the public into Carson City Prison. Yesterday they were "Processed" (which could mean medically examined, but also branded on the HIP, so if they turn out on the range again, the purchaser can be found) Pictures have been taken, but they are undiscernable and the horses are in a bunch. There is only one day, Dec.6th during which they will be open for adoption and then if not adopted they will be transported to the Fallon Sale Barn, where their fate is most likely a kill buyer.  The public lands pattern are like a checkerboard and the horses do cross fences at times (especially if they are maintained poorly) THE BLM HAS SIMPLY ANNOUNCED THAT IT WILL NOT BE RESPONSIBLE FOR HORSES FOUND OUTSIDE THE HMA AREAS. So the Agricultural dept steps in and proceeds as described above. (No protection here)

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