Mustangs Musts...

Mustangs Musts...
Veedawoo Aragon Escalante Galitzier

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

In the afternoon a cattle drive across the Cheyenne River..

here they acually come running after us....

Jobeth and Martina adead and Aragon bringing up the rear...Wild horses to the left
People often ask me what it is like to ride among wild horses. And whether it is safe. And whether it spooks the wild horses like a helicopter would. I think the answer is like always in the way we do things. There is a sensible way to safely ride within wild horses or around them, if one wants to leave them room. But often they come up on their own and more than once I have seen some interaction between the free horse and the horse under saddle. Never have I seen continued aggression or attack. But we have never pushed the envelope either and why should we. So here we go on our cattle drive and the horses are curious and come about.

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