Mustangs Musts...

Mustangs Musts...
Veedawoo Aragon Escalante Galitzier

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Uncountable times I have heard girls and women utter the words: ONCE TO RIDE A HORSE ON THE BEACH ---don't they know you loose 180 degrees of riding at the ocean? There seems to be a magnetic attraction to the combination of SURF and GALLOPP, because of the quality of footing, the muffled sounds of the hoofs, the spring in the step, the closeness to the element that give birth to the unicorn.
The Once-in-a-great-Ocean-horse, the horse of the sea, swept away and washed ashore . Seashells abound, you can find some mustangs on some coastlines...where horses once have been and will be again.

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