Mustangs Musts...

Mustangs Musts...
Veedawoo Aragon Escalante Galitzier

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


For all of us who realize that if the youth does not pick up the plight of the wild horses, they will not have a is a little bit of my work in the northern Rockies. Since years I have not only ridden and trained mustangs and made them a symbol on the hill when my neighbors return from church shopping or work, but I also have written and spoken about these horses. A one hour video about a very special place of mustangs was shown in the library and then discussed, and my friends Guenter and Sonja, who are riding on Mustangs on the Continental Divide did their presentation of exhilerating pictures and adventure stories. ( We had a photo exhibit and soon a painting exhibit by Melody Perez and I have done drawing workshops with schoolkids, always taking advantage of the opportunity to tell them the story and hear what they have to say.
We have told of our witnessing of a roundup and now we gather again to put together a video of the Mustang Make Over.
Please become an advocate and educator in your community and take a stand. Once we learn more and understand the predicament and the circumstances involved we will be able to become part of the solution and make the plight of the WILD HORSES heard and understood.
There are beautiful pieces of writing about compassion by authors like Mark Bekoff of the University of Colorado and also valuable writing by Temple Grandin. Here is a snip of one of my favorite pieces:
"In the saddle with Freud"....the horse, a running animal, illogical and irrational, represents in the collective fantasy the image itself of vital energy and instinctive logic in its most genuine totality. Deprived of the ability to be predator the horse reveals in a most visible way the saving power, and at the same time the destructive power of PURE INSTINCT....our relationship to the horse is characterized by the construction of two things,  which simultaneously tie us to the same destiny. TO RIDE is an act of fusion, an attempt to integrate instinct with reason.....
In these times of ecological awareness, it seems, that at least as for as the mental life of man is concerned and the dualistic concept of mind/body we are less and less fully operative. The quest for the horse is a sign of our need to contact our ANIMAL LIKE NESS.... and so on...text by Marcia Galli


I encourage to draw...

Since the beginning of the month I have a little mustang exhibit at the Redfeather Lakes Library... Today I went to add some items and school-kids were sitting on the floor looking and reading and listening. It was the kind of atmosphere, where learning and understanding can occur... MY work will be there until the end of the month, so if your weekend travels include Redfeather Lakes stop by and give it a whorl or a whilr it a whirl. The mustangs tell the story.

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